Her songs are leaded with lyricism and unsurmountable vocal prowess. She is not a propped-up talent but a stone cold powerhouse.
— Staccotofy
Savannah Pope doesn’t just put on a show — she puts on a full-fledged, full-blown theatrical spectacle. The local singer treats her own body as a canvas as she wraps herself up in a cloud of feathers and pearls, her face slathered boldly in arty streaks of makeup and glitter. Pope belts out powerful vocals that are as big and brassy as her visual presentation is colorfully fantastic. As a solo performer, she continues in the same bombastic glam-rock style as her former band SpaceCream, alternating hard-rocking tracks such as ‘Nefarious Lothario’ with the power ballad “Pterodactyl Sky” and the darkly moody ‘Leave Dracula Alone.’ Amid the metallic riffage of her new single, Creature,” Pope’s operatic vocals split the sky like thunder as she resolves to emerge like a brightly plumed phoenix from Space­Cream’s ashes.
— LA Weekly, top shows to see in LA
This dynamic artist is something else. Savannah coaxes you to the edges of ice cliffs, with the expectation of death! (Then) her voice rips you apart, as all the cells within you burst with happiness.
— Come Here Floyd
Many music videos are slick, soulless, product-placement-crammed promos, but some transcend crass commercialism and stand alone as true works of visual art. The dazzling and dizzying “Creature” by Los Angeles glam goddess Pope has EVERYTHING (Stefon from SNL voice): Icarus wings, creepy clown kids, gold body paint, powdered wigs, and Ann Wilson-level rock vocals. Independent artist Pope spent a full year animating the video, frame by frame, and it was worth it.
— Yahoo! Entertainment , The 20 Best Music Videos of 2018
‘Daddy Issues’ pulls no punches while giving you a big old kick in the stomach. It only natural that some filthy riffs accompany Savannah’s huge notes.
Pope’s music blends a classic rock and metal bedrock with a unique glam-centric creative sensibility. There’s no mistaking the power or range of Savannah’s astonishing, instantly recognisable pipes. There’s simply no-one like her in music today. Skin Back Alley’s new favourite thing in the entire musical cosmos? You betcha.
— Skin Back Alley
Accessible yet complex, lending a voice to anyone who feels they were born in the wrong generation - or on the wrong planet.
— Kaltblut Magazine (VICE, Germany)
Savannah belts out ‘Creature’ with an incredible voice...It’s classic hard rock... The video casts her as various characters, most strikingly some kind of space parrot. It has to really be seen to be believed.
— York Calling
Stunning and unique!
— LA Art Nerd
It’s not every day I get to hear soaring rock vocals like Savannah’s.
Savannah starts out like Hope Sandoval and rises beyond Ann Wilson. Really powerful stuff!
— Ian Lamont, In 30 Minutes
Savannah Pope has a voice the size of Texas. The guitar solos are beautifully moving. The synergy gives me goosebumps.
— Glacially Musical 
Progressively minded, musically accomplished...something akin to the spirit of early Queen.
— Powerplay Magazine
Vocal chops!
— LA Record